Top 5 Signs that it is Rove who is Brain Dead, not Hillary

(By Juan Cole)

Karl Rove was reported to have raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s mental well-being because of her fall in late 2012. He later walked back his allegation, but not too much.

It is of course Rove who has careened about deeply harming the US because of some mysterious malady (more likely lack of a heart than anything in the brain). Consider:

1. Karl Rove melted down on election night in November of 2012 and refused to accept even Fox News’ conclusion that Obama had won Ohio: “ROVE: I’m looking at all of these Robert and adding them up. I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math but you are entitled to your math and I’m entitled to THE math.” A clear sign of brain damage.

2. Rove denies that he lied the US public into his illegal Iraq War and maintains that the only thing wrong with the war is that he did not go on selling it all 8 years.

3. Rove was part of the Bush administration effort to out undercover CIA field officer Valerie Plame, among the more disgraceful actions any administration official has ever taken.

4. Rove supported the Bush administration’s trashing of the Constitution’s 4th Amendment and its vast warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans.

5. Rove pronounced in 2010 that “climate is gone” as a public policy consideration.

Isn’t there a point at which you’ve just openly done so many unethical things and gotten so many issues so wrong that they stop putting you on t.v.?


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  1. I was looking for also at least 3 or 4 reasons she is, you were asking which numb skull arranged for presidents wall mart speech, look no further as this Amazon served on the board of directors and has presidential ambitions.
    link to

  2. “Isn’t there a point at which you’ve just openly done so many unethical things and gotten so many issues so wrong that they stop putting you on t.v.?” Bill Kristol disproves that theory.

  3. In answer to the question in your last paragraph: No, apparently not. I can’t count how often I scream at the radio, “Why is that person on the air?” And I listen to NPR.

  4. “Isn’t there a point at which you’ve just openly done so many unethical things and gotten so many issues so wrong that they stop putting you on t.v.?”


    And Dr. Cole just put up a post about the “Dark Triad” syndrome, link to, that most of our Rulership displays, a clear bunch of sort-of-cooperating-if-you-look-closely sociopsychopaths that in effect have syndicated to strip and screw over not only the sad ordinary people of the planet, but the planet itself. Since they know they are immune to consequences (if they are conscious enough to even believe that such things might be possible.) And one might ask about the applicability of that question to Billary, and Pelosi and Reid and Feinstein and a bunch of other people, Rulers, who are supposed to nominally be on the side of The People. I for one cannot stomach watching Barack Obama doing his measured professorial lying with a straight face and distorting left and right in his various televised performances. “Clean coal.” “Chained CPI.” Geithner and Emanuel and Squealer the Pig Carney, etc. And no, there are no “candidates” on the nominal “Right” (more properly, the “More Wrong” than “Right,” of course) that are less worse than the incumbent and any likely successors in the Game of Thrones… They get to f__k things up, steal big chunks of our ordinary-people futures and what little income and wealth we still have, and load up on our backs the task of keeping things going, creating the energy and wealth that keeps their Elysium floating up there in the air, all wrapped cozy in the Imperial bubble, high above the horror…

    But let us tell ourselves, comfort ourselves, delude ourselves, that our favorite or at least preferred Rulers, who say stuff publicly (while sneering privately about what schmucks we are, link to and anything Cheney ever said) that resonates with our own defects, are really all about taking care of the tribe we think we are part of…

  5. Clinton’s blood clot was caused by a combination of factors—dehydration, the flu and a concussion caused by a fall. She was 65 years old at the time.

    Developing a blood clot on the brain from what looks like three minor medical problems is a serious issue, especially for any politician who wants to be president AND will be nearly 70 if she gets elected.

    Tens of thousands of U.S. troops suffered traumatic brain injuries from IEDs, but very few develop blood clots of the brain. Their injuries were much more severe than Hillary’s.

    Karl Rove comments about Hillary’s overall health is like a blind squirrel finding an acorn. How many people develop blood clots of the brain from dehydration, the flu and a fall?

  6. A standard Rove technique is to look deep inside his soul, take the most odious and reprehensible thing he can find, and accuse his opponents of being that. Takes the initiative. Gives his opponents twice the trouble in turning it around and demonstrating that it’s about him.

    • I agree – but what about the old “I know you are, but what am I?” Childish, yeah – but look at the political ads we’ve been seeing in the last several decades. It’s no worse, and it could resonate with the voters.

  7. Seems everyone is doing exactly what Rove is intending: even here, nobody has mentioned that this is simply a classic Rove pre-election tactic. The goal is to get the rumour out there, to seed the idea in people’s minds for later during the election. Facts dont matter because people won’t remember anything but that they heard something about her having brain damage. He did the same thing to McCain.
    It’s basic black propaganda.

  8. “…and maintains that the only thing wrong with the war is that he did not go on selling it all 8 years.”

    You can’t get more out of touch with reality than that. Among many other things that were wrong with the Iraq was the fact that none of the warmongers or close relatives were in the war zones where they could understand what it was like to be shot at. McCain’s visit with his sidekick, Lindsey Graham, doesn’t count. They were surrounded by protective mercenaries.

  9. The zigzag style of GOP smearing–asserting something while walking it crab-backwards with a simultaneous “I’m just saying…” air of disclaimer–belongs to Rove but was mastered by Sean Hannity. It preys upon the gullible among us like a mass of flesh-eating bacteria. Frankly I blame the gullible for their willingness to be so. They’ve no excuse. Being lied to is no excuse for those disposed to like the lie and to like, actually, being lied to.

  10. When I hear Rove doing his best to cast doubts about a Hillary presidency I can’t help but think about the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences.” If HRC can be taken out prior to 2016, I feel there would be a good chance that Elizabeth Warren then becomes the candidate, and I think she might gather more votes than HRC.
    The last time that Republicans ganged up on Warren, she ended up in the Senate, and that has really worked out for them. Talk about Karma. I take great schadenfreude every time I see her on the television giving it to the Republicans. Considering that hindsight is 20 – 20, I’m sure if the financial post vote were to reoccur, all the Republicans would vote ‘yea’.

  11. It would be interesting to know how many people were persuaded to vote for Bill Clinton as the lesser evil after Lee Atwater’s scurrilous campaign for Bush the Elder. Looking back on both records GHWB might have won the lesser-evil vote.

    “NATO jabs Russia on Ukraine: Exclusive: The U.S. mainstream media portrays the Ukraine crisis as a case of Russian “imperialism,” but the reality is that Moscow has been reacting to aggressive moves by Washington to expand NATO to Russia’s border in violation of a post-Cold War pledge,” writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGov-ern. – link to … “From the campaign trail on Oct. 22, 1996, two weeks before he defeated Bob Dole for a second term as president, Bill Clinton used NATO enlargement to advertise his assertiveness in foreign policy and America’s status as the “world’s indispensable nation.” Clinton bragged about proposing NATO enlargement at his first NATO summit in 1994, saying it “should enlarge steadily, deliberately, openly.” He never explained why.
    “President Clinton, thus, reneged on the pledges made by Baker to Gorbachev and Shevardnadze. Clinton lamely called upon Russia to view NATO’s enlargement as an arrangement that will “advance the security of everyone.””

  12. Rove twisted out of the 30 days in hospital to recovery time, but what derangement led him to make that idiotic comment about the sunglasses? One blog showed pix of Ms. Clinton wearing the same glasses over the two years prior to this event. I am waiting for Rove’s comment to be shown over those pix which would graphically illustrate how unbalanced he is.

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