Kochs slammed by GOPer for plan to cripple wind power in Kansas

Kansas Republican slams Kochs for trying to cripple state’s growing wind power industry (via Raw Story )

Friday night’s edition of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC took aim at billionaires Charles and David Koch and their efforts to block clean energy projects in Kansas and other states. Maddow began the segment by running down a list of billionaires…


Kansans for Wind: “Kansas has one of best wind generation potentials among US states”

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  1. Mike C

    Two-party dictatorship is crumbling as unchecked corporatism threatens civilization…although that GOPer is no doubt from Kansas.

  2. The illusion of choice while Earth is forced into Extinction Heat.
    Here is copy of comment of immediate relevance to situation. :
    Ocean pH is increasing in acidity and so is the acidity of present corporate world. If I were a physicist, I’d say my thesis clearly -better than this.
    “There is a time to create Framework Change to world economy to disable forced entropy rise of Closed System dictated by system in isolation;” link to en.wikipedia.org
    So when monetary security is propped up by construct lacking accountability or exposure to Nature I’m saying entropy will rise irreversibly as long as this lasts. Thing is the whole experiment is off cliff..
    That’s because of hysteresis in the system and vast numbers of feedbacks kicking in and methane gun firing is like a ringing in my ears..
    I know sulphate aerosol is shielding full expression of greenhouse today and it affects East Coast Gulf Stream off the US. I know the latent heat imparted to sky from condensation of water from vapor.
    But I don’t know what to say to make people understand how important it is to make brave change.
    Comment is to Dr Light’s paper at Arctic News: link to arctic-news.blogspot.com
    Dr Light has new paper up showing volume pressure horizon anomaly at tectonic plate extinction location in High Arctic: link to arctic-news.blogspot.com End quote

  3. S. Tan 三里

    well, it seems those who don’t “believe” in climate change don’t “believe” in wind power but do trust in the power of their money

  4. The Koch Brothers and their fellow fossil-fuel overlords are like the buggy-whip manufacturers of 100 years ago, with the difference being that they have orders of magnitude more money to spend corrupting governments to prop up their light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel industries.

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