Muslim-haters Pam Geller & J. Farah Attack Spielberg, Liberal Jews as Appeasers

Pam Geller and Joseph Farah Ought To Be Ashamed Of Themselves For Their Statements On Liberal Jews (via Liberaland)

This liberal Jew is disgusted by the constant comparisons of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, of 2014 America to pre-Nazi Germany, and now, of liberal Jews to Nazi appeasers. Muslim-basher Pam Geller is outraged that Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation…


Geller: Islamic Supremacist stealth Halal Turkey

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  1. “To play the Nazi/Holocaust/Hitler card in this way is reprehensible and beneath contempt.”

    Besides “reprehensible…” the abuse of Holocaust (and Israel becoming Goliath) is the wet dream of all anti-Semites coming true.

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