Rick Jacobs Threatens to Pull URJ Out of Presidents Conference After J Street Fiasco

Reform Movement leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs has signaled that the Union of Reform Judaism could consider dropping out of the Conference of Presidents in response to yesterday’s vote to reject membership to the progressive pro-Israel group J Street.

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  1. The Forward and the Jewish organizations that take exception to the Conference decision have been to the Left for years as now evidenced by the slanted terminology of this article – “Informed comment community” “J Street Fiasco” Whose judgments are those, except the editorial staff of the Forward?
    As to the freedom of speech contention, the Conference is a private organization and is under no obligation to allow views from JStreet that are destructive to the well being of the State of Israel. J Street has enough freedom of speech in the Forward and all the rest of the Left wing Anti-Israel media.
    Jerome S. Kaufman http://www.israel-commentary.org

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