Prelude to Ethnic Cleansing? Israel Plans 3200 more Squatter homes on Palestinian Land

Israel huge new settlement push raises Palestinian ire (via AFP)

Israel unveiled plans for 3,200 settler homes Thursday in retaliation for the formation of a Palestinian unity government backed by Hamas and the international community, raising the Palestinians’ ire. Tenders for nearly 1,500 new settlement houses…


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  1. Years ago they claimed that the WB settlements had nothing to do with Israel (and so were not in violation of international law). They seem to have changed their tune on that.

    And the Apartheid Wall was not a boundary, just a “security” thing.

    Is anyone keeping a list of all these “no longer operative” Zionisms?

  2. “Nimr Hammad, political adviser to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, demanded the US take “serious steps” against Israel.”
    This is totally laughable. If the U.S. wanted Israel to stop these settlements, it would have acted a long time ago.
    “The last time the PLO sought a Security Council resolution against the settlements…the move…was blocked by a US veto.”
    What is the difference between Israel and the U.S.? Israel is honest when saying it wants to settle “Samaria and Judea.” The U.S. is a liar when it says it wants Israel to stop. America has got Israel’s back, and we all know it.

  3. Looks as though Israel has decided that time has come to move toward a final push toward an Israel from the sea to the Jordan river…likely because of the disarray amongst the Arab world,obamas weakness, and the cover that Putin brings them amongst the they think,now is the time

    • Israel has bought Congress, just like the Banks, the Oil Industry and Jackals of Wall Street.
      Obama has been irrelevant for a long time.

  4. Professor Cole;
    You have got it all wrong!
    I just checked with Official Israeli sources ( The New York Times) and it was our Government that forced Israel to do this.
    By not following Netanyahu’s orders Obama has caused America to lose influence with Israel.
    It is the corruption of our Government that permits Israel to dictate policy to the United States and when the Republicans take full control of Congress will see even more support for Israeli Racist Ethnic Cleansing.
    Are we going to see Obama slapped around in public by Netanyahu again ? If BiBi wants to, all he has to do is call.

  5. The Palestinians need to file complaints with the International Criminal Court in lieu of a request for UN Security Council intervention, as any Security Council consideration can (and likely will) end in another gridlock due to the veto power of the U.S.

    Moderates within the Netanyahu ruling coalition – including
    Hatnua’s Tzipi Livni and Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid have already publicly denounced recent plans announced by PM Netanyahu to annex parts of the West Bank and indicated they would not support it. Lapid has stated that annexation will lead to his party’s withdrawal from the ruling coalition.

  6. Interesting negotiating ploy in operation here: either be polite and we;ll take your land piecemeal, or don’t cooperate and we’ll just take it outright.

    I wonder how often there has ever be any true negotiations on anything of any significance when BOTH parties did not hold something for which the others were willing to make concessions. In other words, unless there is some sort of rough equity there simply isn’t a basis for re-balancing the equation.

    Instead, what we seeing here is world-class manipulation. The genuinely rational course of action for the Pals has, at least to many who are there, always been pretty obvious.

  7. I’ve been saying for awhile that the plight of the Palestinians would have to get much worse before it started to improve. The further Israel pushes them, the more land they appropriate, the more openly defy international norms and thumb their nose at the evolving awareness of what’s going on, the more tenuous their position becomes.

    The Palestinians should be encouraged to seek redress through every international body available to them, regardless of anticipated outcome. Israel will ignore any condemnations or sanctions, the U.S. will undermine or veto them to the best of their ability, and gradually it will become clear to all how lawless the two are in this issue.

    Without that consciousness in place the BDS can only have limited utility. The usual slurs employed to discourage such activities become less frightening and less useful the more they’re pressed into service.

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