Why were Wall Street & Banking not Reformed after 2008? Congress!

Bill Moyers Essay: Wall Street’s Secret Weapon: Congress (via Moyers & Company)

Why haven’t any big bankers been prosecuted for their role in the housing crisis that led to the Great Recession? These finance executives took part in “scandals that violate the most basic ethical norms,” as the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde…


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The Young Turks from last year: “Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down Wall Street Bankers”

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  1. Mike C

    Notice Congress is ALWAYS part of problem. Political sys appears to have been designed with this in mind.

  2. America the beautiful has been transformed into Amerika the ugly. Our productive society went from manufacturing product to making financial things up. We the people shake our heads when looking at all our debt, while Wall St. lifts their glasses with a hardy hooray!

    First reform our election laws…no more money, or at least sanction as little as possible to fund our elections. Elections without TV commercials. Elections with only C Span debates. These are just a couple of ideas I have, and I am not the smartest kid in the class. I know there are many, many more of you fellow Americans who have great ideas on how to reform our system. I only hope someday soon we all may see the great needed change take place.

    Until then save your money. Stay out of debt as much as you can. Don’t feed the beast any longer!

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