Clinton to Cheney: Blaming Obama for not cleaning up your mess… Unseemly

During recent interview with David Gregory, Pres. Bill Clinton laughed off Dick Cheney’s suggestion that President Obama is to blame for the strife in Iraq, placing the blame directly at the feet of the former Vice President himself.

When Gregory asked him if Dick Cheney had any credibility, the former president replied, “Well, I believe, you know, if they hadn’t gone to war in Iraq, none of this would be happening.”

Then Gregory inquired about the role of Syrian strife, “Well, it might be happening in Syria, but what happened in Syria wouldn’t have happened in Iraq. Iraq would not have been, in effect, altered as it has been, but Mr. Cheney has been incredibly adroit for the last six years or so attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the mess that he made. And I think it’s unseemly.”

Kudos to Pres. Clinton for setting the record straight, and not allowing Dick Cheney to rewrite history.

Considering Dick Cheney had full knowledge of his actions, his recent audacity to try to shift the blame is indeed, “unseemly.”

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  1. Well, his wife supported going into Iraq. She wanted us to get involved in Syria, too. Her international outlook is very hawkish, not significantly different than Cheney’s. Would he criticize Hillary if asked about her positions? Not a chance.

  2. Isn’t the CIA already supporting and training “vetted” rebels from bases in northern Jordania and Israel? Those rebels are active in the Deraa region and Damascene suburbs.

  3. Oh, sorry! My comment was meant to appear under “Top 5 reasons US aid to…”

  4. If the British oil company operating at the border of Iraq on the Kuwaiti side hadn’t been pumping Iraqi oil with those lateral drilling rigs, we wouldn’t have had the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein to stop the stealing of Iraq’s oil, and no attack of Iraq by Dady Bush. Hussein was particularly upset at the British oil companies since the British had, years ago, taken that part of Iraqi land, now called Kuwait, and made it a new nation, with oil reserves and the only deep sea port, depriving Iraq of its only deep sea shore and future port, therefore limiting Iraq’s oil sales volume by much. That probably explains why Iraq’s oil reserves amounted to about 2/3 of all oil reserves back then, a huge fortune in black gold that the US eyed for the controlling, if not the taking…

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