Elizabeth Warren Crushes Chris Matthews, And A Word On Cement

By Sandy Dechert

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, met more than his match last Thursday when he took on lively freshman Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Looked as if Matthews got a bit more than he expected, in the form of a very well-reasoned and remarkably civil tongue-lashing from the Massachusetts people’s choice.

A man with plenty of Washington experience from his days as an aide to longtime Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill as well as years in the news business, Matthews laid into Warren, and the Democrat-led (but filibuster-prone) Senate, and the President for inaction—or perhaps only glacial slowness—on getting economic promises fulfilled.

To what Daily Kos contributor Egberto Willies described as “the most nonsensical rant from a journalist,” when Matthews ignored political realities and blasted the Democrats, Warren came up fighting and challenged the righteous nitpicking of left-leaning Democratic whiners:

“Stop this. We just voted on this last week. You just stop and think about it. Because all the things you’ve talked about every time we get up and talk about helping education … we talk about roads and bridges … we talk about NIH research … the Republicans say the exact same thing … there is not enough money …

And then they say they are going to fight to protect every tax loophole that currently exist that permits billionaires to pay at a lower tax rate than their secretaries. They fight to protect every subsidy” for the oil and gas industry….

Egberto Willies linked to a short clip of the interview in the Daily Kos, but “>the whole thing (11 minutes) is well worth watching. Sharp and to the point, Warren gives Matthews an earful on the lopsided Congress, how progressives and other Democrats are fighting back to build opportunity in America, and how involvement of every citizen is needed to return human priorities and progress to the current constipation (my word, not hers) of politics.

By the way…. One comment on Matthews’ devotion to construction jobs and “the smell of pouring cement” to mend crumbling infrastructure, which he says the Chinese are doing four times faster than the USA: one of the greatest producers of carbon dioxide in the world is the cement and concrete industry. Maybe we need to pay closer attention to what goes into the things we build.

Sandy Dechert covers environmental, health, renewable and conventional energy, and climate change news. She’s worked for groundbreaking environmental consultants and a Fortune 100 health care firm, writes two top-level blogs on Examiner.com, ranked #2 on ONPP’s 2011 Top 50 blogs on Women’s Health, and attributes her modest success to an “indelible habit of poking around to satisfy my own curiosity.”

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8 Responses

  1. The problem is, though, Warren glosses over the racism of the Roosevelt years (and beyond) when “everyone” had a chance to get ahead because of government investments in jobs and infrastructure. The exclusion of people of color from the jobs and education she (and Matthews) says were so important to overall prosperity needs to be addressed if she is going to build a grassroots base for her election.

    • You’re joking. You want a full discussion of the Roosevelt years in an interview? Besides, Obama would never have baited that hook. It’s counter productive to take a conversation about infrastructure repair and turn it into a conversation about race.

      • Not really. I just want her not to say that “everyone” did well during those years. That’s misleading and simplistic.

        • The access was not equal, but Roosevelt did establish (I think by executive order) equal wages in US war plants. The migration of blacks to the Midwest & West to those war plant jobs and privately-owned factories doing war work did lead to a large change in their lives. By 1967 black wages were approaching 90% of white wages. The destruction of American industry since the ’70s, conversely, has trapped blacks in the worst possible places. Last hired, first fired.

  2. Wow, this is revolutionary. Needless to say, to think that the GOP is to blame for 100 years plus of the Dems stalling virtually all progressive movements is silly, read Democrats: A Critical history by Lance Selfa for a bit of support. This narrative, that the Dems are incapable of doing anything due to the incredible power of the GOP is simply too weak of an argument to accept. How pray tell does Ms. Warren explain how Prez Zero’s first term with both houses in his pocket, he was incapable of doing anything meaningful? He certainly found the time to make sure the banks were properly funded and CEOs bonused. He found the money to make sure the Recovery act funds went right to the 1%. Was any real energy spent trying to control the foreclosure fraud? Well as far as I can tell Holder and company worked AGAINST the various state’s attorneys general on behalf of the banks, not the people.

    Way too many questions with incorrect answers.

    • Wow, really? “How pray tell does Ms. Warren explain how Prez Zero’s first term with both houses in his pocket, he was incapable of doing anything meaningful? ”

      How about you go an see how many filibusters were held? Who do you think was doing that? Rachel Maddow had a show on how the rate of filibuster has skyrocketed. You think that might have something to do with it?

    • “How pray tell does Ms. Warren explain how Prez Zero’s first term with both houses in his pocket, he was incapable of doing anything meaningful?”

      Nicholas is right. This statement is simply untrue. Please do some research – then we might allow you to sit at the adult table.

  3. Wow, so people at this site are already trolling Elizabeth Warren for not being radical enough while the corporations are already smearing her for being too liberal? Hillary must be overjoyed.

    In a sane country, Warren would be considered normal.

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