Fracking Threatens US Water: AP

US Water Woes Add Punch To AP Fracking Report (via Clean Technica)

The Associated Press has been doing a bang-up job of covering fracking issues lately, and over the weekend they released a bombshell fracking report that set fire to the tubes. The new fracking report focuses on oil and gas fracking wells that are classified…


GritTV: “Scott Smith: The Dangers of Fracking Oil”

3 Responses

  1. Instant red flag: the association of this story with Al Jazeera who gosh, wouldn’t have an interest in slowing down American oil and gas development would they?

  2. Al Jazeera is a news organization. It does a better job than Fox, CNN, Yahoo “News”, and all our domestic propaganda operations branded as news. I would say association of a story with those entities is a red flag, except they all more or less deliver only tabloid blather lately.

  3. Al jazeesus, what is the matter with us and commenters like MT? Does he have a position with or investments in fracking? It takes near zero effort to google lots of hard science showing that fracking and the chemicals used, and the little earthquakes and waste ponds and cuttings and shit, pose a massive threat to water supplies and public health.

    On the other hand, if you are invested in water treatment technologies or cleanup contractors or filtration sellers, externalizing poisons into our common environment is just a fine market-based activity, right?

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