Georgia Courthouse is shot up by Sovereign Citizen after GOP backs Bundy, Open Carry

By Juan Cole

That didn’t take long. The Georgia GOP rushed into law an ‘open carry’ provision in April allowing people to tote around guns in bars and churches (apparently these are felt to be complementary institutions in Georgia) and schools (these are apparently felt to be full of expendable if short people in Georgia).

Then the national GOP and Fox Cable News (the “Josef Goebbels Commemorative Propaganda Division of the American Right Wing”) backed Cliven Bundy in his “sovereign citizen” claims that he doesn’t have to pay Federal grazing fees.

So on Saturday a sovereign citizen and former Transportation Department employee (who made his money from the Federal government he hates) showed up outside a Georgia courthouse armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and other munitions and with the clear intent of taking hostages inside the courthouse. He was open carrying, you see, and standing up against big government. Or rather standing overtop it with a gun to its head.

This was a clear act of terrorism, but since it was committed by a white person, no one brought the word up.

A brave policeman confronted the sovereign shooter, trading volleys of gunfire with him. The brave deputy was shot twice in the leg but will survive. He slowed down the shooter long enough to allow SWAT to get to the scene. Dennis Marx, the shooter, was killed in the exchange of gunfire that ensued.

It is tragic that a law enforcement officer was wounded, and that others had their lives put in danger, all because the NRA insists that all Americans, including the unstable ones, have semi-automatic weapons and all because the Republican Party now supports racist criminal tax deadbeats as a knee-jerk reaction.

But, if you encourage crazy people and hand out guns like candy, the courthouse incident is what you get back.

Another lesson about the NRA hatred for gun regulation (a hatred stoked by contributions from the gun manufacturers) and GOP attempts to recruit white racists of a terrorist bent can be learned from Seattle last week. There, a crazed person with an obsession with Columbine and school shootings killed one student and wounded others.

The shooter at a Seattle Christian college was using a shotgun. They need to be broken and reloaded, unlike semi-automatic weapons. While he was reloading a brave student tackled him and others piled on. If Aaron Ybarra, the shooter, had been using a semi-automatic, the student who tackled him would be dead, along with likely large numbers of others slated to be killed.’

You get what you lobby for, GOP.


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  1. It was also stated on the morning news that the “shooter”, no mention of the word “terrorist”, had four explosive devices at his home. My question is, what is the difference between this potential massacre and that of the Boston massacre except that the deranged extremist wasn’t a Muslim. It would seem that in America it is your particular religion that decides if you’re a terrorist or just a shooter.

    • ” My question is, what is the difference between this potential massacre and that of the Boston massacre .. ”

      The shooter in Georgia was a “good-old-boy, white, red-blooded ‘Merican” exercising his “god-given” second amendment rights.

    • A terrorist is a person who uses terror in pursuit of political aims. The Boston bombers were clearly terrorists. Being a southerner with a gun doesn’t make one a terrorist any more than that nutjob in California.

      Terrorists can be Muslims but the can also be white folks like the IRA bombing London. An Xtian who blows up an abortion clinic is DEFINTELY a terrorist.

      It’s not the violence or even the weapons used that determines if a person is a terrorist. Was the attack political in nature?

      Is robbing a bank and shooting people an act of terror? No.

      Is robbing a bank and shooting people in order to finance a revolution an act of terror? YES.


        • Exactly, these run a-mock Libertarians on a war footing, have the Constitution as their Bible, but feel that they get to define the meaning of the Articles, which mean (according to them) there is no place in the Constitution for government.
          I can see a lot of trouble from these people in our future, forget about international terrorism domestic terrorism is the future unfortunately.

        • Not really. Even though Marx was a member of Sovereign Citizens and had filed several motions against the police for using excessive forces as well as making tax complaints, the fact that he went OFF THE DEEP END is the overriding factor, IMO.

          Shooting a cop in the south means Marx did the good-old-boy version of JIHAD.

    • “As governor of California, Reagan signed the Mulford Act into law in 1967. Written by Republican Assemblyman Don Mulford, the legislation was the most sweeping state edict in all the country, prohibiting the more or less free carrying of firearms in public. It went along with the rest of his heavy-handed entire law-and-order agenda and inspired an avalanche of new gun laws nationwide.

      The purpose of the law was to disarm the Black Panthers, a radical leftist group that openly carried firearms, kept an eye out on the police, and even took their rifles to the state Capitol to protest what they decried as racist legislation.”

      • And Teddy Roosevelt, as police chief of NYC, had handguns banned so he specifically could target the leaders of the enormous street gangs that terrorized the city in the 1890s. The law was meant to be selectively enforced to get rid of an undesirable group.

        I can’t even imagine how convoluted gun laws in the Jim Crow South must have been to ensure that whites would have blacks hopelessly outgunned forever.

        But how dare one say that white Christian patriots are undesirable when we have let them impose their self-definition as the only good Americans on our own consciousness? So it’s different when it’s them.

  2. The ‘Josef Goebbels Commemorative Propaganda Division of the American Right Wing?’ Professor Cole, lol, I think you even topped your photo gallery in the hirsute hall of fame that you included in your recent story, “Facial Hair, Patriotism.and the Enemy in American History.” You should take a chance and go try your act out during an open mike session at your local comedy improv club. What’s going on here? Did you by chance secretly accompany Maureen Dowd of the NYT when she went out to Colorado and tried some marijuana brownies to get her Rocky Mountain High story?

  3. Give guns and deadly weapons to mentally ill individuals (insane, crazy) and they will do something deadly insane.

    Give guns and deadly weapons to mentally ill governments (insane, crazy) and they will do something deadly insane:
    The illegal Middle East wars
    Spend trillions on faster and more powerful weapons.
    Steal from others.

    Watched a video on the V-22 Osprey helicopter, both a plane and helicopter. The eyes of many of the soldiers and officers show that “nobody’s at home”. Most are trained robotic killers that are trained, brainwashed not to think. Thus, when many of the enlisted and officers return home from the Middle East illegal wars they begin thinking. They are diagnosed (labeled) with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    PTSD is a convenient lie for messing with an individuals morals. When an individual starts thinking again, they start feeling the emotions of killing that were suppressed while they were brainwashed, acting without any consciousness.

    The insane government is basically killing, making many individuals brain dead.


    It’s the insane, crazy billionaires ruling America and the world that need to be treated for mental illnesses. This includes most of Congress.

  4. “The shooter at the Seattle Christian College was using a shotgun. They need to be broken and reloaded, UNLIKE SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapons. If Aaron Ybarra, the shooter, had been using a semi-automatic, the student who tackled him would be dead, along with a large number of others slated to be killed.”

    “You get what you lobby for, GOP.”


    Semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines were used at Virginia Tech , Sandy Hook and Aurora. That was my point about the recent shooter in California. He could have easily killed a “large number of others” with a semi-automatic weapon instead of a hand gun which ONLY fired ONE BULLET each time the trigger was pulled.

    Dennis Marx was also into EXPLOSIVES—BIG TIME. I’m surprised his house wasn’t rigged to blow up when someone knock on the door. Kooks like Marx don’t worry about open carry laws.

    • “a semi-automatic weapon instead of a hand gun which ONLY fired ONE BULLET each time the trigger was pulled”

      Sorry, Jack, but a gun that fires one bullet every time the trigger is pulled IS “semiautomatic.” You’re thinking of FULLY automatic fire, where bullets keep coming out until you release the trigger.

      A gun that is not semiautomatic is one where you have to cock the hammer each time before you pull the trigger. Never heard of such a thing? Well, they’re kind of antique now.

      • I stand correct. I’m not a gun person. The government just needs to close the door on fully automatic weapons, especially ones with high capacity magazines. Many Americans use other types of guns mainly because of the culture and their upbringing.

        I’ll give you two examples: Gabby Giffords and her husband are gun enthusiasts in Arizona He still target practices using a Glock. Before she was shot, I heard Gifford brag about her prowess shooting a handgun.

        “I’m pretty good with it too.”

        The other example involves Obama “guns and bible” statement he made a few years ago. I believe he was talking about people in Pennsylvania. “The Deer Hunter” was a movie about some of those people.

        “ONE SHOT.”

        To many people, guns mean good-old-boys in the south, but the culture is widespread in this country. Lotta miles between Arizona and Pennsylvania.

        Many southerners use guns to hunt for food.

  5. To “Nobody”:

    Warren Buffett is a billionaire. Is he insane?
    He is politically active and thru his late wife’s foundation gives millions of dollars to groups like Planned Parenthood.
    I think your use of the term insane is out of line here.

  6. It will be interesting to see what rationalizations pro-gun people in Georgia come up with to justify their expansion of places where disturbed people can wander around with loaded weapons.

  7. Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols was also a member of the Sovereign Citizen Movement. Marx was more of a tax nutter gone off the deep end than an out and out terrorist.

    Any “terrorist” who drives up to a country courthouse armed to the teeth, crashes it on the steps, throws smoke bombs and shoots a policeman will probably be killed in the next couple of minutes. Lots of cops with guns around most courthouses.

    Did Marx really think he’s charged into the courthouse and take hostages?

    Have they found his suicide note?

    • The entire point of the American far right has been to create a state of chaos in which the evil government would reveal its true nature. Decentralized violence is indeed the method, because modern warfare and public relations makes that the most logical way. They don’t have to organize the way you seem to require because their ideological agenda is already so well established – now even in the GOP’s dominant faction. I believe that was covered in the racist manifesto “The Turner Diaries”, which inspired McVeigh.

      So why would stoking untraceable crazy people into hate crimes not be a part of this terrorist strategy?

  8. I think the argument the US has so many of these incidents due to lax gun control is only partly true. Many other nations also have high gun ownership, although very few would have as many handguns or assault rifles.
    Something in the way Americans relate to and treat each other seems also to blame. In reading blog comments all over the web elements of mean-spiritness, assertions of unbridled rights, violent threats, and contempt for others appear disproportionally from those in the US – and not only from the right.

    • You nailed it, IMO. These nuts aren’t terrorists and claiming the Georgia good-old-boy is different from other killers because he is a white southerner misses the point, IMO.

      Look what happened in Las Vegas today. Yelling “This is a revolution,” before shooting to death two police officers at a fast food restaurant doesn’t make it an act of terrorism or a revolution.

      Most of these people are just very violent mental cases.

      With an automatic weapon they could have killed many more, especially after going to Walmart.

    • The gun nuts worship the Swiss militia, because Switzerland is white, conservative and capitalist (at least before it adopted universal health care, I guess). But the difference between Switzerland and the US is that very, very few Swissmen train with a gun secretly entertaining hopes that they will get to use them against their own “criminal” or “traitor” or “infidel” fellow citizens. They think they are doing this to deter an actual invading foreign military force.

      I’d hate to find out how many Americans get guns because there’s someone in the neighborhood – or the ethnically different neighborhood nearby – that they nurse a grudge against, either consciously or unconsciously. Besides the many more Americans who get guns out of fear who end up losing their tempers and using them on a friend or relative.

      I think, though I can’t elaborate on it here, that hiding under the American notion of individual freedom is a widespread belief that one deserves the power of life and death over inferior Others. It would be an interesting though experiment if we had an infallible, affordable non-lethal weapon that could perform all legitimate self-defense functions instead of a gun, and see which Americans would switch over.

  9. This will only get worse, and the NRA will, of course, deny all responsibility and push for more guns as a solution.

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