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  1. Will we ever learn? Tragically, once again, as in the era of the Vietnam War, politicians wanting to score points back home with their base of voters are using the young men and women serving in the military as convenient political pawns. As Tip O’Neill was always sating when he was the Speaker of the House, “All politics is local.” But I think he meant more than just the bread-and-butter financial issues.. The politicians also love to manipulate foreign policy issues to score those points back home in their districts and states.

  2. I am not so sure that Inhofe is trying to score any points back in Oklahoma. Inhofe says and does what Inhofe believes., which is that Islam is evil; that America & Israel must fight evil, all as part of God’s plan. Oh…also, those who support fossil fuels are God’s chosen people, and entitled to great wealth.
    Proof? Oklahomans will reelect Inhofe by more than a 2-1 margin. This will give Inhofe 6 more years of feeling deified.

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