Top 15 Ways Republicans Have Screwed Our Soldiers and Veterans

Top 15 Ways Republicans Have Screwed Our Soldiers and Veterans (via Atlas Left)

Republicans love waging wars, but they sure don’t seem to love America’s soldiers and veterans. Whether they’re getting our soldiers killed in Iraq or cutting their food stamps here at home, here are the 15 top ways the GOP screws those who serve…

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  1. All the while the Afghanistan war, you know the one that is unwinnable, is costing this nation, according to the Washington Post, $10.7 million dollars….PER HOUR! No wonder they don’t have money for food stamps for vets, it’s all going to the corrupt bloodsucking leaches who are lining their pockets with taxpayers dollars.

  2. Also an issue in Harperland (formerly known as Canada):
    “If you can’t afford the wounded, you can’t afford the war”
    Among other things, the Commons committee recommended that the controversial new veterans charter be amended to include exact wording from its predecessor: that the law should be “liberally construed” in favour of veterans.

    The protesters, however, say that rather fuzzy distinction is at the root of complaints about both the old and the new systems, because it has long given bureaucrats wiggle room to throw up roadblocks and deny benefits.

    They say the only remedy is clear legislation or a military covenant similar to one in Britain which spells out that the nation has a “duty of care” to its soldiers.

    “If they put it in legislation, we wouldn’t have people fighting the (class-action) lawsuit right now, where the government is saying they owe us nothing,” said Magill.”
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