Seven Key Takeaways From Eric Cantor’s Shocking Defeat

Seven Key Takeaways From Eric Cantor’s Shocking Defeat (via Moyers & Company)

No incumbent majority leader had lost a seat in Congress since 1899, when the post was first created. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) broke that streak last night. He’s announced that he’ll step down from leadership within weeks. Cantor’s stunning defeat…

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  1. Tiger

    The biggest takeaway is that he was Wall Street’s Best Friend. He forgot about Main Street. And people vote.

  2. Tiger

    Cantor was all about Cantor -he made that obvious. It was inescapable in his public persona. He didn’t do his job and was fired.

  3. Latinos have a certain political sophistication, and will probably interpret this result as more evidence of Republican anti-Latin bias.

  4. Everyone seems to avoid the facts of Cantor’s complete obeisance to Israel. Cantor was a chickenhawk neocon. He was always eager to militarily intervene anywhere in the world that Israel pointed him. He backed up his campaign finance truck to Sheldon Adelson, Chaim Saban, and AIPAC. He proclaimed he had Netanyahu’s back against Obama, his president. Let’s face it, without AIPAC, Cantor would still be chasing ambulances. People are fed up with dual passport holding, Israel Firsters, running our country and shoveling money to Israel, while our schools, roads, infrastructure, veterans, and country in general, goes begging. Let us hope this is a trend.

  5. Not to state the obvious, but I’ve always had the impression that Cantor is an arrogant prick. Maybe folks got tired.

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