Jews and Arabs Refuse to be Enemies: Social Media Campaign

“A social media campaign calls for peace between Jews and Arabs, CNN’s Samuel Burke explains.”

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies

Here are some Tweets from the campaign:

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  1. Do you think that these images misconstrue the conflict as one where two groups not geographically associated (specifically with regard to a nation state) are fundamentally at odds? As though there is something fundamentally incompatible between the outlooks and traditions of two groups that exist all over the world versus those supporting and associating with specific nation states (or territories if I am to be more precise)? (As would be communicated in photos showing individuals purporting to be Israeli and Palestinian kissing).

  2. For Zionists, the 1st step is admitting you have a problem. Conflating Israel’s survival with the survival of Jews IS the problem.

    In my opinion the conflation is illegitimate AND INTENTIONAL and promulgated by people,who are often more socio-culturally affiliated with Christianity (and western consumer-culture) than Jewish historical philosophy and tradition.

  3. While I wouldn’t dream of criticizing this initiative, it should be pointed out that the premise that puts the categories of Jew and Arab in opposition is incorrect. “Arab” is an ethnic marker, “Jew” is a religious marker. There are plenty of Jewish Arabs in the world (or, Arab Jews, if you prefer, just like Arab Muslim or Arab Christian, or the reverse). This is not to deny the fact that Jewish identity has been “ethnicized,” largely in Europe, but does not change the fact that the category “Arab” does not in any way exclude Jews.

    • It is correct that Jews and Arabs as categories are not necessarily in opposition. Nevertheless, “Jew” is not just a religious marker. Jewishness is both a religious and an ethnic marker. There are ethnic Jews who do not ascribe to Judaism. There are non-ethnic Jews who practice Judaism as converts. And, of course, there are ethnic Jews who practice Judaism.

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