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  1. As someone who lives in the U.S. Southwest, a region of big states with vast open spaces, I often find it hard to comprehend the size of other parts of the world.

    To the north of me, up in Oceanside, CA, is Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corp Base Camp. The entire Gaza Strip at 139 square miles would actually fit INSIDE Camp Pendleton, which measures 200 square miles.

    I was born in Flagstaff, Arizona. To the north of my hometown is the Navajo Nation. The Navajo tribal land is 27,413 square miles. So how many Gaza Strips would fit inside the Navajo Nation? 197. That is not a typo. One hundred and ninety seven Gaza Strips would fit inside a single Native American reservation located in northern Arizona. (Note: The total number of Native American reservations across the state of Arizona is 22.)

    It boggles the mind.

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