Mohammed Suliman’s Twitter-Journal on Surviving Israel’s War on Gaza

Journalist Mohammed Suliman (@imPalestine), in Gaza, has been tweeting sardonic observations about living through the Israeli bombardment of his friends and family. They together form a sort of stream-of-consciousness journal:


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  1. Maybe this journal will go down in history, like the journal of Ann Frank and bear witness to the wickedness of some.

    • But the diary of Anne Frank only became available years later.

      These tweets can be read NOW, within second of their being written amidst the bombs of Gaza. The world has no excuse. We cannot say we did not know. And yet the world watches, and turns away. Again.

  2. This is depressing.
    The cruelty and blatant evil as the world’s pro-Israel/anti-Palestine govts cheer leads the massacre.

  3. Arutz Sheva 7 , the Israeli national news service reported that Lieutenant General Dolev Keidar of the Israel Defense Forces was killed by Gazan militants during an infiltration attempt. His funeral will be tomorrow:

    link to

    Also, despite Israel’s UN ambassador’s statement on Sunday denying the capture of an Israel soldier by Hamas, an Israeli government spokesperson today stated that it is still “investigating” whether the Hamas claim is accurate.

    One article has called the mood in Israel “somber” despite the initial high confidence in the Iron Dome performance previously and anti-war demonstrations are growing within Israel. 25 IDF personnel have been killed in action.

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