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  1. I have a hard time putting much credence, or feeling sorry for this woman. She’s feeling guilt because she made her own child a participant in a military occupation on the West Bank, and now she reaps the whirlwind. We have to keep that in mind — Israeli citizens on the West Bank are part of a MILITARY occupation. Her government treats the children of Hamas participants as valid targets in combat. So why shouldn’t we hold HER and her family to the SAME standards as she holds others?

    • How can you judge this woman? All four were cold-blooded murders built on making demons out of the enemy. I think you missed her point. think her point was holding the perpetrators, whether Israeli or Arab, to the exact same standards

      • I agree. There is no justification for murdering children. It is not the children’s fault that their parents support ethnic cleansing. And while I abhor all those who take part in military occupations, no parent should have to bury their child.

        (I will concede though that I think Christopher was speaking more to power dynamics and the chickens coming home to roost.)

    • You have a hard time feeling sorry for someone whose child has been murdered?

      You really think killing non-combatents is a valid way to combat the occupation?

      • Define “non combatant” with respects to armed settlers that are active participants in a military occupation.

    • There are a number of Jewish settlers who have “seen the light” after having lost a child due to West Bank violence and joined a peace movement alongside Palestinians.

      Both Netanyahu and Hamas have tried to politicize these murders for political gain when the appropriate response would be to investigate and confirm facts first. It is probable that neither the Israeli government nor Hamas authorized these gruesome killings and they are most likely the product of a few independent political extremists working together on each side. This killings should have been treated as a criminal matter rather than exploited to generate further unnecessary oppression and violence.

    • You have a hard heart, Christopher. Who are you to judge this woman and what claim do you have to moral superiority? Her child was murdered. Try for a moment to share a human moment. And since you’re so politically “aware,” then pay attention to her plea for peace. Seriously, yours is a very wrong post.

  2. Unless the two sides can come to their senses,this madness will go on for the next hundred years, everybody wants to preach to their own choir…if we ..concerned outsiders can not talk to each other ..can one expect the concerned living with the turmoil to ever solve their problems?

  3. This is a start. I would also like her to have a sit down with the mother of the 17 year old Palestinian boy who was murdered in order to come to an understanding in some small way. If people do not bridge the gap on a personal (not political) level this will unfortunately continue to occur.

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