UN Official Breaks Down on Camera; another says: “Children Killed in their Sleep – a Source of Universal Shame”

‘After a United Nations-run school sheltering more than 3,000 Palestinians was shelled early Wednesday, UN official Chris Gunness could not contain his grief while on camera with Al Jazeera Arabic.

“The rights of Palestinians, and even their children, are wholesale denied… and its appalling,” Gunness, spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), told Al Jazeera Arabic from Jerusalem. The interviewer appears to thank him for appearing, upon which Gunness breaks down and weeps.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health said at least 17 people were killed and 90 wounded by the school shelling. An Israeli military spokesman told the New York Times that Israeli troops did not target UN facilities, but did respond to Palestinian militant fire from nearby the school in Jabaliya refugee camp.

The White House and the United Nations Secretary General separately condemned the attack. In an official statement Wednesday, the UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Kranhenbuhl wrote: “Children killed in their sleep; this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced.” ‘

UN Official Chris Gunness Breaks Down On Air After School Bombing

The National has more.

Among Mr. Gunness’s tweets:

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  1. In contrast, from U.S. officials, only words of support and more weapons for Israel,

    “The muted reaction to Gaza by our government and our elected representatives is partly a response to the money wielded by donor groups controlled by the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which has become the National Rifle Association of American foreign policy.

    All this reveals a country that has lost the sense of conscience and purpose that were once the bedrocks of the world’s greatest democracy. Unless we find a way to recover our intellectual center of gravity, we will continue to watch US-made bombs burst over Gaza and elsewhere with a shoulder shrug and an Alfred E. Neumann “what me worry” attitude as our great republic crumbles around us.”

    from: link to lobelog.com

  2. As Paul Roberts said in his latest article – we have two goverments, supported by the US and both are masked their punishment actions as an “anti-terrorist operations”, killing civilians, bombing and shelling the infrastucture, schools, hospitals and houses. But this is the “Great Moral West”.

  3. Pierre Kraehenbühl who formerly was an ICRC delegate, was interviewed on our national TV channel. He told two other things :
    1) that the school was clearly indicated to the Israelian military as an humanitarian building which shouldn’t be targeted and that many times.

    2) concerning the excuse given by the Israelians, that the Hamas was stocking arms inside that school, he mentioned that a few times the UN had discovered some arms in schools and that this was infringing humanitarians regulations (and he blamed the Hamas for doing it), but he also added that the UN was regularly checking for hidden arms in humanitarians buildings, be they schools or hospitals, and this wasn’t a frequent and systematic problem, especially not a permanent long term one. So this sounds more like another pretext used by the Israelians. Last but not least he added that finding arms in a school isn’t a justification to bomb innocent civilians. Bombing a school or an hospital whether there are some arms inside or not is clearly and in both cases a serious breach of the humanitarians laws.

    • Media reports in US and Israel said IDF encountered fire ‘from the area’ and retaliated. That is one of the basest operational modes of the IDF. For the first days of bombing, they hit larger target installations and munitions depot – stuff like that. But those low-hanging fruit targets are used up. So IDF under orders to shoot back when fired on. Even after 17 warnings that this last school was a UN center, I guess the ‘fire back’ orders trumped the ‘lower civilian casualties’ order. Netanayahu can say IDF doesn’t intentionally target civilians, but the issue is the way it’s carrying out this war does.

  4. it’s been said that the longest journey is from the heart to the head and the american government and the Israeli government and their leaders have lost their way!!

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