Hannity Unleashes Shouting Points On Palestinian Guest

Cenk Uygur & The Young Turks:

“Sean Hannity got into a shouting match tonight with a Palestinian guest as Hannity repeatedly asked Yousef Munayyer whether he believes Hamas is a terrorist organization and Munayyer did not directly answer the question. In fact, Munayyer first scolded Hannity, saying that it’s “very telling” he brings on Palestinian voices only to shout them down.

Hannity cried at Munayyer to answer the question about Hamas. Munayyer said the U.S. considers it a terrorist organization, but didn’t give his personal opinion. Hannity kept yelling at him to give a straight answer, shouting, “Can you hear?!” and “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head?!”

As the segment came to a close and Munayyar asked to speak, Hannity said, “You had your chance. You didn’t say Hamas is a terrorist organization. Good-bye.””* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola (TYT University), and Wes Clark Jr. break it down.”

The Young Turks: “Hannity Unleashes Shouting Points On Palestinian Guest”

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  1. This just begs the question . . . Why would anyone that isn’t a right-wing “true believer” ever go on Fox News?

    It has been well documented that anyone that is even half way rational will just be yelled at and belittled on Fox News because it is nothing more than an extremely conservative propaganda machine that has exactly ZERO desire to actually present a balanced picture.

    After participating in long discussions with thousands of people over the last 30+ years on a wide variety of topics, I can tell you that NO ONE at fox news has any ability to understand the real world. They are paid to present a narrow, fake view of the world that treat everyone that is not in their target demographics (which they milk for millions in cash) as sub-human and dangerous.

    It is impossible to present any real facts or ideas on fox, so why should anyone bother?

    I would never appear on fox news because they would not accept my conditions – Hannety would have to have his mouth taped shut and hands cuffed behind his back and a neutral third party would read his questions for him.

    Anyone that is not a rabid pro-Israelis will never get a fair treatment on Fox, so why bother?

  2. Don’t watch Fox, don’t appear on Fox and don’t buy products from advertisers that use Fox. Fox is a malignancy on our culture, an evil growth. It takes time but Fox can be made to shrivel up and die.

  3. It is no real surprise that – the POTUS , and both houses of Congress has once again exercised its political clout in favor of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity that Israel at present in Gaza and has subjected them to since the stringent occupation and ruinous lock-down by Israel since 2007 . “Plucky Israel attacked without motive by demonic foes” has pretty much decimated the compound of Gaza and killed over a thousand of its inhabitants. Along with the countless photos of PM Netanyahu that the compliant press, begins their news accounts; there are even more photos, films and clips of the massacre that he and Israel are so proud of. There is a trite but true saying that will unfold for him-“ from what we see you may have won the battle but you have lost the war.” Israel will wear world wide the title of pariah it so well deserves.

  4. What’s worse is stooge Zuhdi Jasser sitting there and spouting his masters’ Hannity’s nonsensical points when prompted…the Muslim Uncle Tom…

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