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  1. “By 1947 the UN had proposed a plan for both a Jewish state and a Palestinian state, but that never happened.”
    Makes me wonder if the wording would have been different, had the Jews and not the Arabs rejected the partition plan.

    • The Jewish leadership, especially David Ben-Gurion, only accepted the Partition Plan with the intent of acquiring land to be allocated to Palestine under that plan. It gave Jews something where they had nothing previously.

  2. One point that I rarely hear is that Brittan did not “own” Palestine. They held it by force of arms just as with India, Egypt, China, and much of Africa. When the British Empire collapsed, the indigenous peoples got their countries back. The Indians got India. The Chinese got China. This was true around the world except for Palestine. The British gave Palestine to a bunch of Europeans and Americans. Quite bizarre really!

    Israel has no more “right” to exist than the British Empire. They are a remnant of that Empire as were Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa. Those other remnants of empire are good examples of the choice that Israel has: accept your minorities or be destroyed.

    • You are correct that Great Britain did not “own” Palestine, but you are wrong when you compare Palestine to British control of its Imperial possessions of India, Hong Kong, and in Africa. Palestine was never a British Imperial possession. It was run under a League of Nations Mandate administered by the British.

      Moreover, Britain did not “give Palestine to a bunch of Europeans and Americans.” Britain turned Palestine over to the United Nations, and it was the United Nations that divided Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian states in 1948. To say that Israel is “a remnant of that [British} Empire” reveals a lack of understanding of the post World War I League of Nations Mandate system and the United Nations’ role in the establishment of Israel, to say nothing of the British Empire.

      • The League did indeed hand Palestine to the British as you say. That was the mechanism where the war booty of the collapsed Ottoman Empire was divvied up. The European victors got their pieces. Colonialism without the name.

        You are quite correct to bring the UN into this. The UN, an instrument of the western powers, gave Palestine to a bunch of Europeans and Americans. Does that make Europe and America any less guilty?

        Curious that you say that the British did not own Palestine, then did the UN “own” Palestine? If they did not own Palestine then by what right did they give it to anyone other than the indigenous people, the Palestinians?

        Is the UN in the business of handing out homelands to random people, however deserving? Clearly handing Palestine to a bunch of invaders did not work out very well. Perhaps the UN should undo their mistake and give Palestine back to the Palestinians. Reasonable solution?

        • Palestine could hardly be called “war booty” for the British under the League of Nation’s Mandate. It had no political or economic value to the British, and it turned out to be much more of a headache than anything else. That’s why the British uncermoniously turned it over to the United Nations.

          Whether or not the United Nations should have created the two states of Israel and Palestine out of the old British Mandate (which is what actually happened, although it was rejected by the Arab states) is a valid question. I have always thought it made the Palestinians and Arabs pay for the sins of Europe. Nevertheless, If one wishes to discuss the issue, it is helpful to know the history of the problem and not throw around terms such as “war booty,” (What would you call Palestine when it was under the Ottoman Empire, by the way?) and confuse the British with the United Nations in the creation of Israel.

  3. I seem to recall Winston Churchill, was worried about the partition plan, for down the road. It seems Palestine is to be, pushed into the sea.

    There is a petition going around the globe against, Israel and their friends of other countries, assisting Israel to demolish Palestine. The deaths of the children of Palestine, has infuriated the world.

    We can only hope, Israel and their assisting countries, will be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Slaughtering innocent children is, unacceptable to most of the world.

  4. To adanac: It’s nearly impossible not to agree with you, but unfortunately one of those assisting countries is the U.S.A. Which country or countries will manage to impose a worldwide decision to sue the American empire at The Hague. That empire is still there to stay for a while more or longer depending on the success of the full-fledge application of The Project for the New American Century? If such country or association of countries exists, the bringing of the U.S.A. to court will drag because there’ll be threats, military ones… Just look at Israel’s wrondoings and non respect of dozens of UN Resolutions, and nothing is being done worldwide that will bring success in taking that zionist country to the world court, although the world has massively judged that country guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and total non respect of Palestinian human rights, besides stealing Palestinian land, property, etc…

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