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  1. Well, duh!
    And of course the “Its” everyone speaks in terms of, when offering analyses of the Politiken du jour, those great personifications like “the US” and “the UK” and “the Great Powers of Europe” also have serial rationales for whatever high-handed murderous idiocy “they” are propagating at any point. See, e.g., “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” or “Vietnam,” or the runups to WW I and II. Ain’t no fixin’ any of “It,” now is there?

  2. And the distortion continues with evasive statements from the Israeli state regarding the ongoing death and destruction of Gaza. What you have now are UN schools being destroyed and Israel and the US state dept saying that they can’t be sure that the attack was from Israel although the type of missile Hamas does not have. US and Israel say they may be from Hamas which conflicts with other claims that Hamas hides weapons in UN schools like had happened last month. Its a rational game of cat and mouse and we don’t have a press litigious enough to care to follow through on Israel and US state dept evasiveness with any teeth.
    Check out US State dept statements when questioned by the press on the destruction and killing in the wake of the second targeting of a UN school:
    link to youtube.com

  3. Good piece, but why is the journalist uncritically repeating IDF propaganda on the ‘Iron Dome’? There is no objective evidence whatsoever that the Iron Dome has shot down 90% of rockets, or anything close. Some analyst claim the real figure may be as low as 5%, with one Israeli expert even claiming the Dome has NEVER intercepted any missile successfully.

    link to globes.co.il

  4. Regarding the question of ‘Israel’s end-game’ the answer’s been clear since Theodore Hertzl first created the Zionist project: A ‘Greater Israel’ encompassing (at least) all of ‘Palestine’ with a purely Jewish population (the fate & disposition of the ‘current occupants’ was, to quote neoliberal economist Alan Greenspan an “externality”. I.e.: irrelevant). This disregard for the Palestinians became clear in ’48 with the terrorism & ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians which has continued unabated. Most members of the Israeli Knesset have been openly verbal in their commitment to a Jewish ethnocracy in Israel and, thus, have absolutely no moral qualms to the current round of genocide. Whether or not the they’d behave differently in the exceedingly unlikely case of a complete U.S. embargo on military goods & other supplies will likely never be tested.

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