“Move a little Inland:” Press Lord Cranky Billionaire Rupert Murdoch on what to do about Global Warming

By Climate State

“According to Murdoch we just have to move a bit inland and the worst is a temperature rise of 3 degree and a modest sea level rise of six inches. However, according to the IPCC (representing the best science the world has to offer) we are on track to a 7 degrees F. (4 degrees C) temperature rise with broad disastrous consequences, disrupting everyday life for many, outlined for instance here: Climate State: “Impacts”

Climate State: “Rupert Murdoch: How to react to climate change?” (2014)

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    • And then we can all revert to serfdom and the feudal model they are working toward, where we pay rents for even more stuff, the necessities of life, that they get to be the “legal owners” of…

      Pitchforks and torches, anyone? Nah, the torches would have to be lit with LEDs, so as not to make global warming even worse…

      • The key is legalizing the trinity of serfdom:
        1. debtor’s prison
        2. prison slave labor
        3. inheritable debt
        We’re close to that now. And no pitchforks yet.

  1. I’m nobody, but I was at a nonpolitical event a number of years ago when Rupert Murdoch entered the room with a fawning entourage of five to six animated men obviously discussing business. The organizers of the event greeted him courteously but were not happy that he was drawing so much attention to himself. At least he and his entourage were put at a table in a back corner where they continued their animated discussion throughout the event, while frankly most people ignored them. But it left an uncomfortable aura coming from that corner.

    Murdoch came across to me as extraordinarily arrogant, but unfortunately he’s not the only wealthy person I’ve ever met that conveys that kind of arrogance.

    I’ve met wealthy people with grace and intelligence, but there seem to be fewer of them these days.

  2. This all in spite ofthe fact wrikled Rupy pledged News Corp. The mother company of his holdings would be “carbon neutralhttp://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/04/news-corp-is-carbon-neutral-murdoch-declares/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0

    • Reason: Murdoch is not American. If he were, he’d have to deny that there was any warming or any issue with CO2 at all in order to stay in synch with our Right. But his US tentacles are in synch, because he needs the whole right-wing ideology as strong as possible in every country where he’s being taxed and regulated.

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