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    • No problem. There are vast mountain ranges. Bringing them down will yield a lot of of positive energy, more than oil, wind, and solar combined. You can create a lot of new man made islands and crash the prices of beach front lands also. In any case I am for internationalizing natural sources of energy and specially oil and putting high use tax on them, proportional to the damage that they cause. The tax money must be used for future generations, like international education and specially education of women.

  1. The problem exists, but most of this is fashionable diversion. Nothing is done, because the wealthy with power are insulated. Here in S Florida and in the Chesapeake lowlands, insurance for coastal areas rises and will have paid for and profited from the destruction before it happens, except for sparsely inhabited lowlands already being abandoned. Most of the impact will be in poor nations with densely populated river deltas or islands and little insurance. The US will do nothing for them, again because the wealthy are not affected. They will simply move back to the new waterfront on the insurance proceeds.

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