Israel extends detention of Palestinian for Facebook posts

HEBRON (Ma’an) — An Israeli court on Friday extended the detention of a Palestinian activist who was detained for political activities on Facebook for a week, a Ma’an reporter said on Saturday.

An Israeli court in Petah Tikva extended the detention of Suhaib Zahida, 31, until Sept. 4, after he was arrested on Thursday for creating a page on Facebook called “the Intifada of Hebron” in addition to leading a campaign for the boycott of Israeli products.

Zahida had previously participated in several nonviolent campaigns opposing the Israeli occupation and was an active member of groups working to oppose the recruitment of Palestinian citizens of Israel to the Israeli military.

Palestinians inside Israel have been previously detained for short periods of time and questioned regarding their political activities on Facebook, but such arrests rarely occur in the West Bank.

In October, Israeli authorities arrested Palestinian citizen of Israel Razi al-Nabulsi, 23, for a week as a result of Facebook posts they argued constituted “incitement.”

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  1. My imagination, or perhaps my wishful thinking, tells me that these unconscionable, police state tactics of the Isarelis are a sure sign of desperation in the face of an implacable, resourceful and enduring population. Just as the disgraceful massacre of Gaza Palestinians revealed, the Israelis have no answer other than force to the just calls for mercy and forbearance from an oppressed people. Their ham-handed attempts to repress all honest appraisals of their atrocities quite rightly lead to a more searing spotlight on the vast gap between their espoused values and the nightmarish reality of the land that they continue to steal from the Palestinians. My hope for the Palestinians is that the arc of history that bends toward justice is nearing its appointment with destiny.

  2. Ditto what Aubrey Lynch said so poetically! Let us all hope that the arc of history bends a lot faster toward justice for Palestinians!

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