Sean Hannity Pwned by Patricia Bynes when he tries to “Educate” Her

The Young Turks:

“A Ferguson, Mo. official was having none of Fox News host Sean Hannity’s attempt to “educate” her on police brutality Wednesday night.

Hannity kicked off an interview with Democratic committeewoman Patricia Bynes by pointing out that she was not present when black teenager Michael Brown, who was unarmed, was shot by a white police officer on Aug. 9.

“You were not there. So you don’t know if this case is about police brutality, do you?” he asked.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.”

The Young Turk: “Sean Hannity ‘Educates’ Guest On Police Brutality & She Fights Back”

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  1. Don’t forget Sean gave George Zimmerman a very sympathetic platform to make his case of why he shot Trayvon Martin.

    Sean also defends Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians.

    Me advice; read your news, and don’t take any thing on FOX to seriously. But , you already knew that!

  2. I always wonder, what if Trayvon had been carrying a gun when Z showed up? Would Trayvon simply and lawfully have been “standing his ground” if he’d capped Z? Uh, doesn’t it beg the question, who owns “the ground” ?

    • None other than Jeb Bush made the obvious point that stand-your-ground cannot be twisted into meaning chase-down-and-confront, whatever else may have happened.

      When you think about it, about everything that gets to a court is political. In many/most cases, there’s something called the law, which contains society’s collective consensus on what is/isn’t appropriate and what to do about it. But once an event catches the attention of those working to mould the law and social conventions to their own ends, it becomes blatantly political and all bets are off. We’re into the world of art and creativity.

  3. IS “pwned” supposed to mean “owned”, as used currently, that she turned the tables and dominated Hannity ? I don’t think so; but maybe that’s just me.

    Looks like a garden-variety case of a bully who came up against someone who tried to talk back, so he just talked over the woman before cutting the interview short. The weakness of his bluster was pretty transparent, but your typical fox aficionado would see what he wanted (and expected) to see, and would say he had given her a paddling.

  4. Why do sane guests even bother to go on their shows and give their propaganda network any relevance, believing that there’ll be some fair journalistic voice that’ll allow them to give their voice, views or side of a story?

    Just boycott them and let it be publicly known why they’re being rejected, whenever they come asking for an ‘interview’. There will be no ‘fair’ hearing.

  5. Since I don’t watch Fox news the only time I am exposed to Hannity is when his inane comments are picked up by the sources I do use. I really have doubts about this practice of repeating what he says even if you think he has been “pwned” . The sad fact is that those who are predisposed to think the sun shines out of his butt crack won’t think he was “pwned” no matter how stupid his “guests” make him sound and if all that is gained is an eye-rolling opportunity on the part of people like me is it really worth the extra clicks his stupid commentary gets? I would have been just as happy if Cenk Uygur had done an actual interview with Democratic committeewoman Patricia Bynes and ignored shit-for-brains completely.

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