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  1. Inasmuch as the situation is complicated you’d never know it given the way Lindsey Graham, John McCain and other Republicans have presented it – criticizing President Obama, calling him incompetent & using fear mongering to scare the public into believing it.

    Suffice to say Fox and other right wing media sources will be pushing this false narrative through November and beyond until 2016 when an ill-informed & none the wiser public will go to the polls to vote.

    The American people are more than capable of grasping the concept of being stuck between a rock & a hard place in making decisions. But because the Obama administration’s mistake is not trusting the public enough to explain the situation in those terms they’ve set themselves up as an easy target for attacks by the right wing which has strengthened their detractors’ hand in swaying public opinion.

    Even some Democrats, like Diane Feinstein, have inexplicably jumped on the fear mongering misinformation bandwagon, too, making it all that much more convincing for a confused ill-informed, misguided public to wrongly believe that the administration is ill-equipped to handle the situation.

    Whatever decision President Obama makes, whether he sides with the Assad regime or not, it will be criticized over and over again by his detractors.

    So yes the situation is complicated but only in terms of being stuck between a rock and a hard place which Americans could easily comprehend if they had the facts.

    But unfortunately that is not the case, so the public, none the wiser, afraid & in the dark, left to its own devices with neither the time nor the inclination to sort this out on their own, is wrongly condemning the President as a result thereof.

    Although the advantage of which is self-evident & does not need explaining, it is still infuriating, inexcusable, unacceptable and deeply troubling that winning elections today takes priority over country.

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