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  1. the question itself seems so silly .. have we forgotten that the war on terror is a war on a noun?

    you have to already be in the club in order ask the question ..

    • Did we lose the Cold War because cold is an adjective? What about WWII?! Come on, this is just intellectual laziness.

  2. The war on terror has failed absolutely, unequivocally and abysmally. It was a ridiculous, highly politicized bit of subterfuge from the worst president in American history. All of the consequences noted in the video, except for the outlandish claims of “terrorists” caught, are clear indications of its failure. The US has suffered greatly as have all of the targets of this brutal “war.” The initiation of this war for Republican political ends was the beginning of the end for the American empire. The results are just deserts for the perpetrators.

  3. Just like the “War On Drugs” before it this “war” has done nothing but empower they very people we are supposed to be against.The fact that Bush used this “war ” to lie the country into Iraq to steal oil and to create torture gulags world wide gives our enemies useful propaganda to recruit and leaves the US with no “highground ” to recover.People in Muslim countries can rightfully claim the US wants to steal their natural resources and is willing to kill muslim men women and children to get it.What rational muslim wouldnt be a jihadist today?

    • If you’re calling Muslims that are not jihadists, irrational, you probably don’t know very many Muslims.

  4. I think a better question is, has Obama’s foreign policy failed? How was ISIS / AQI fairing in 2008?

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