Michele Bachmann (R-MN) declares Christian Jihad on all Muslims

The Young Turks:

“Michele Bachmann took the stage at the Values Voters Summit today, and fired up the crowd with shots at President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as a firm call for the U.S. to keep killing ISIS terrorists until they surrender.

Bachmann cracked a few jokes at the top, including a dig at MSNBC and a wonder of whether Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner would miss her more.

She talked up her strong stand against the Obama administration, especially on foreign policy. Bachmann said Obama is “the first anti-Israel president in history.” And as for Clinton, Bachmann recommended another goal for the former Secretary of State to accomplish: “permanent retirement!”

Bachmann also talked about how to combat the threat of ISIS.”* Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), John Iadarola (TYT University) and Brian Unger break it down.”

The Young Turks: “Michele Bachmann’s Frenzied Bloodlust Delights Values Voters”

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    • Unfortunately, due to the not-so-often discussed (since Plato) imperfections of democracy, she is a member of the US Congress, which by definition means that her evidencing that she doesn’t have a brain is newsworthy. Thus, she appeals to her evangelical chosen people base and proves that Americans can be no better than the common religious fanatics, ISIL terrorists in this case, they despise–alas human nature. Wheretofore and a furlong…are we compelled to be annoyed as the follies go on?

    • She gets it from her supporters in the media anyway. So why not give it to her with a healthy dose of criticism and perhaps even context. You can’t get past her ideas by pretending they don’t exist.

    • coz people around her love it and the politicians encourage the media to project such ignorant fools. Such an immature,truly uneducated statement is published and there is a subtle appreciation of it by the people who publish her sayings. Imagine if this piece of nonsense was uttered by a person with a Muslim name regarding the Christian or Jewish community?!! God hell would have broken loose. Muslim baiting is fair game anyway.

  1. Faux News, here we come. She’s my congressional rep unfortunately, so I am happy to see her go, although I expect someone of similar ilk to take her place. On the other hand, nobody else could be that crazy.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t live in the US. Some of the statements this woman makes are simply wrong – don’t journalists ever question her on some of these crazy assertions? Is she held to account in any way, or is she free to spread rubbish/propaganda?

    • Unfortunately the mainstream media in the US is either a right-wing or left-wing point of view. Debates between both sides are rarely based on facts and most Americans are completely ignorant and simply vote along party lines.

      • You’re defining “left-wing” completely differently than it is defined in any other democracy except maybe Colombia and Israel. The mainstream media consists of the view of unapologetically vicious plantation owners on one side and kinda guilty, wimpy plantation owners who want the peasants to kinda like them on the other side.

    • She was smacked around pretty well by Fact Check and like last Presidentlal election while running in 2012–HPV for example, . She dodged the press over her earlier anti-Muslim rant. She is free to spread rubbish and propaganda–freedom of speech ya know–it has its drawbacks. When they do, she makes a big show of media bias in front of the same people. Most of the media don’t take her comments serious enough anymore to critique her latest rant in depth.

      Her audience in this case are already extreme right wingers so she is feeding them what they want to hear. (The 2 GOP leading candidates in the polls explicitly were not invited for being too mainstream.)

      Some don’t mind so much because the more she does this worse it gets for her own party.

      The noise ultimately is all about the money it can draw.

  3. It’s a shame our founding fathers didn’t require members of Congress to pass a course in basic logic. One Bachmannstrosity that’s common among her ilk is the idea that there’s no need to worry about adding CO2 to our atmosphere because 1) CO2 is natural and already exists in the environment and 2) the amount of CO2 added by human activity is small.

    My favorite analogy to combat such ignorance is to compare CO2 to salt. Yes, salt exists in the natural environment. Yes, salt is an essential part of a normal diet just as some CO2 is a normal part of the air that we breathe. But excess salt is a killer. If you drink a 16 oz. glass of water to which someone added 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt, it will taste salty, but it will be drinkable. But if you drink a 16 oz. glass of water to which someone added a tablespoon of salt, you will most likely throw up. And if someone were to force you to drink nothing but salty water, you’d get severely dehydrated, suffer kidney failure, and die.

    I’ve got to wonder if Bachmann ever baked a batch of biscuits in her life. If the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, but the cook reverses the portions; the biscuits will bake up as nasty, flat lumps and be almost inedible.

    That baking powder and baking soda are only a small portion of the total mass of the ingredients of a batch of biscuits is not what matters. What matters is whether the right proportion of the right ingredients is available to produce the desired effect.

    Straying from the proven recipe for our atmosphere is a good way to end up with an inedible planet.

    • Some conservatives were willing to consider global warming as a concern 15 years ago. But the instant it was associated with liberals, the tribal mentality of the Right required it to be branded a nefarious lie. Because they’re sure it will be blamed on free enterprise/private property, and if it is true that sacred private property can cause catastrophic harm, then what other harm might it be responsible for? Or even get sued or regulated for?

      They decided all that first, then embraced fake science to defend their property. They will defend their property to everyone’s extinction because inequality is their only reason for being and they refuse to accept the possibility of a human race continuing without them.

  4. The job of the fanatics is to rally the grass-roots deconstruction of modern America, eliminating unions, public schools, progressive churches, and the very idea of human equality out in the boondocks. One of Glenn Beck’s movements-du-jour was called “We Surround You.” If you know the story of the Serbian siege of Sarajevo, you know what is intended next.

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