Climate Change is Costing Lives: Coal Plants Killed 1.2 mn. in China: World Bank’s Jim Yong Kim

Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) — World Bank President Jim Yong Kim discusses the growing threat from climate change with Trish Regan on “Street Smart.”

Bloomberg News: Climate Change Is Costing Lives: World Bank’s Jim Yong Kim

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  1. It is a crime in my opinion that 1.2 million people have died in coal mines in China. China needs to tighten its laws on coal mining because there are too many people dying there. Countries need to look at different ways to produce energy other than coal. It seems that they take the easy and cheap way out by producing coal instead of looking at other energy sources like wind and wave power or the sun. They don’t care that it costs people’s lives; it seems that their lives aren’t worth much to these governments. People are killing themselves over the quest to find energy from coal mines. Governments especially China, need to change their polices and find new ways to produce energy.

  2. China leds the world in renewable investments. Forbes states China accounts for 61% of total investments in renewable energy by the developed countries–some 56.3 billion in 2013. They have led and will lead. So they are interested and working on alternatives to coal.
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