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  1. Bankster facilitator is the only description of Place-Holder that needs to be said. Not one prosecution from the melt down happened.

      • Many US laws were broken in the events leading up to the GFC. There were multiple types of fraud, including mail fraud, a federal crime. The robo-banking scandal in particular was acknowledged to be a form of mail fraud, committed by many bank execs. See Matt Taibi’s blog for details. For example:
        link to rollingstone.com

        Holder has in recent times decided to go after the institutions to recover some of the costs. He has done well getting the money back. But he has failed to jail, or decided not to jail, the execs. The fact that several the banks have rolled and paid settlements in the billions proves they knew they were guilty.

        • Exploiting loopholes in U.S. laws made and maintained by CONGRESS is the work of effective lawyers, not ineffective law enforcement.

          Apparently, living within a failed democracy, now an oligarchy, where simple undereducated citizens vote “R” out of hateful reflex has factually escaped those who feel a broad well-entrenched classist conspiracy is the evil-doing of identifiable individuals.

    • If he’d done even one prosecution of a capitalist, I wonder how much louder – and from more respectable and powerful institutions – these smears would have been. We say the Left should have more of a say after the crimes of the Right, but the Further Right has us too cowed by its armed followers.

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