Do Latinos in US have to Change their Names to Get a Job?

The Young Turks

“”Zamora’s story was the same as those of so many Americans nowadays who are struggling to find a job. Zamora stated that he probably sent out between 50 and 100 résumés a day and received little to no reply.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands: He changed his name.

In the BuzzFeed video below, Zamora explained his subtle name change that apparently yielded him more responses to his résumé. He went from “José” to “Joe.”*”

The Young Turks: ” Wanna Get A Job, Better Change Your Name”

* Buzzfeed video here

2 Responses

  1. A coworker from Jordan did a subtle name change when he was doing political surveys in Los Angeles. He added an “o” to the end of his name and went from “Anwar” to “Anwaro.” One vowel changed him from an Arab into a Latino.

    Anwar needed another “r.”

  2. When I was a kid in the 40’s, it was common for us Jews to change their names to a more “anglo” version. Feldmen became Fielding, etc.

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