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  1. Why should it end? It has been an extremely successful process for generating profits for the military-industrial complex. You cannot profit from the manufacture of military hardware if you do not use it up. The US government, a customer with bottomless pockets, seems quite willing to create the scenarios needed to allow this process to continue and thrive.

  2. Roksob is spot on. This has nothing to do with making anyone safer and everything to do with beta-testing new technologies as they come on line. These new weapons need guinea pigs for testing. So … where to find new guinea pigs … I wonder? Then there is, of course, the necessary propaganda to dehumanize the guinea pigs first. And have you noticed how much more militarized American society itself has become? Fascist states are not born overnight. They take years, decades to fester. Et voila.

  3. In a landmark court decision, a U.S. District Court jury found the Amman, Jordan-based Arab Bank – one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East – liable under federal anti-terror statutes of knowing complicity in facilitating financial transactions for the benefit of Hamas terror activities.

    The jury will determine the amount of money damages at a later hearing.

    link to haaretz.com

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