‘You killed a million people in Iraq’ George Galloway tells Blair Cabinet Member


“George Galloway told a former member of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s cabinets she killed one million people in Iraq. The former Labour MP, now a Respect MP, turned on Jacqui Smith as they looked ahead to Friday’s vote in Parliament on possible UK military action in the Middle East.”

Ed. note: It isn’t so much that one necessarily agrees with Galloway’s alternative in every detail so much as that it is refreshing to see politicians speaking frankly and having such sentiments appear on national television. When has any of the networks aired a US Congressman talking to a Bush cabinet member this way? -JRC

‘You killed a million people in Iraq’ George Galloway tells Jacqui Smith – BBC News

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  1. Refreshing? My butt Juan Cole….he is right! How can the Sunnis trust the Baghdad Government of Shia? And they were proven right! The Shia Army run away and left artillery, arms and ammunition for ISIL to collect. ISIL took millions from banks and are selling oil, to whom may I ask? He is also right: Iraq is more than 3 countries when it could have been3 countries if the USA government had followed our present Vice Biden advice: Shia, Sunny and Kurd countries. We mess it up and we continue to do so. VOTE GREEN!! (never voted Republican; never will vote Democrat)

    • It is good you said something about how you don’t vote; otherwise, I would presume you meant the Green Party of England and Wales given the context of the article.

      That said,Green Parties have always failed to compromise on their principles enough to gather any mass–in other words they are not all that good at politics being authoritarian in themselves in nature and by that they do more harm than good in regards to environmental issues by causing division on the left, unbalancing the political equation..

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