Climate Change: Neoliberal Capitalism is Fundamentally at War with Life on Earth (Naomi Klein)

The National:

“Naomi Klein discusses her new book This Changes Everything, in which she says it’s time to stop counting on the politicians to save the planet.”

The National: “Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything author talks about climate change”

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  1. Ralph Apel

    . Ultimately there is no “neoliberal capitalism”.Mature neoliberalism == postcapitalist society == bureaucratism? == socialism?

  2. IS (International System) is broken now. (Ukraine, Iraq, Syria) and
    politicians push more of the same. Thank you for your tweets & TV appearences on Al Jazeera..

  3. Whether you call it neo-Liberalsim or money hungry brutalism our planet is at risk and our children will have a much changed planet by 2050 and our grandchildren a brutal planet by the turn of the century.
    I know only one MP here (Canada) that pushes to defend against climate change. The PM is an anti-Science ***

  4. At the Guardian, George Monbiot has this to say about governments confronting corporations on climate change:

    “Governments gather to discuss an urgent problem and propose everything except the obvious solution – legislation. The last thing our self-hating states will contemplate is what they are empowered to do: govern. They will launch endless talks and commissions, devise elaborate market mechanisms, even offer massive subsidies to encourage better behaviour, rather than simply say ‘we’re stopping this’.

    This is what’s happening with manmade climate change.”

    link to

  5. The longer humanity waits to curb anthropogenic-induced climate change the more drastic, autocratic and disquieting the necessary and required changes will be.

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