Tony Blair obsessed with Religious “Crusade” against Iraq, like Bush: Former British Dep’ty PM

Channel 4 News: “Former deputy prime minister John Prescott calls his ex boss Tony Blair a ‘crusader’ because of Blair’s recent calls to send troops back into the Iraq.”

‘Tony Blair is a crusader’ says John Prescott | Channel 4 News

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  1. When has Tiny Blair not been obsessed? and over Iraq?
    Interesting but a little late and then Crusading to Bagdad? Bagdad the Holy Land? What happened to Jerusalem? …


    “thanks very much” ends the reporter.

  2. Ah, right! I shoulda realized sooner that The Antichrist would speak with a British accent. Lord Blair, as journalist extraordinaire Robert Fisk calls him, fills the bill quite well. And we know as well that Blair is all a-Gog about Bush and Iraq.

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