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  1. Excellent interview. Prof. Cole should be on every Sunday morning talk show to counter Bill Kristol and the “we can fix everything with a massive bombing campaign” cabal whose policies have squandered the lives of American soldiers and treasury.

    This won’t happen because the professor is not pro war and secondly he doesn’t speak in bombastic rhetoric….such as….ISIS is going to give us another 9-11. The neocons are experienced in speaking in those kind of sound bites required to support another fiasco.

  2. He can’t do anything for millions of children and latinos (also too potential future Democrats) but he can bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb and no one can stop him.

    Obama is such a mistake on every level.

  3. Hey Prof Juan – You look tired. Take a break. Don’t want to lose you.
    And jeeeez, if the MSM was anything other than a giant militaristic propaganda machine it would be full of anti-war analysts at this time instead of the neo-cons. The former have consistently gotten it right for at least the past 12 years on the Middle East, while the right has gotten it disastrously wrong.

  4. BACK to war footing? I thought we were still in the War on Feeling Very Scared Something Very Bad Might Happen.

    The family and friends of Brian K. Arsenault (listed as the latest casualty of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan on 09/04/2014) would be surprised to hear that his death by “hostile small arms fire” happened in a moment of peace.

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