Pretext for US Syria Bombings?: No sign that Dread “Khorasan” Group even Exists

AJ+ Imran Khan

“The Khorasan Group: The U.S. government insists it’s one of the biggest threats facing the country. But until a couple of weeks ago most people had never heard of it. We talk to Imran Khan, the Al Jazeera English correspondent in Baghdad, who has a theory about what is going on.”


See also Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain at The Intercept

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  1. With regard to ‘Khorasan’.
    Nothing so complicated.
    Basic psyops preparation.
    No flag, no known central tenets, no known value, and fear thrives in the unknown.

    The name?
    An ancient name for part of northern Iran.
    This is why the military reestablishment is required in Iraq, and the signature Kerry strives for, on the other side of Iran, in Afghanistan, for the military presence to be retained there.

    It is obvious that there are too many alternate agendas involved in the ‘nuclear’ negotiations, for the U.S. to be able to force its own. Nuclear has never been a problem there, so now the alternate strategy is placed into effect and sometime in the future, through ‘Khorasan’, it will be established, for the edification of the base-level financiers, that Iran has been the home of international terrorism all along.

    And then, they wont even have to share it with the Shah.

  2. SqueekyLeaks

    @BlueDuPage I think someone’s being punked. The Khorasan Group sounds like an investment firm my cousin worked for in the 80’s.

  3. Ribeekah Grant

    @Thomas_Drake1 If it’s not Khorasan 2day; 2moro , there wld b some other extremist group. What’s the solution 2 wealth inequality?

  4. Khurasan (the men of) are real, at least now that it is mentioned and taken as real by the USA. Perhaps this is the group that will eventually be the US partner in bringing stability to the region. The men of Khurasan exist in Islamic, pre-Islamic and Baha’i prophecies. This myth is powerful and in the blood of locals there.

  5. Very clear. Obama is continuing agenda Wesley Clark talked about. Agenda also discussed in Mearsheimer/Walt paper.

  6. Just sounds like they were targeting another bunch of experienced Al Qaeda guys, without calling them Al Qaeda, who were stationed as a group elsewhere (Khorasan) and now in Syria.

    Obama admin, deliberately misleading or just confused, bad either ways.

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