Remember Pres. Obama Saying ISIL Campaign like Yemen? Here’s Yemen

Middle East Eye:

“Houthis take to the streets to mourn the protesters killed during a sit-in at a government ministry last week, as their pro-government rivals call for more state control of weapons.”

Middle East Eye: “Fears of a new civil war in Yemen as negotiations continue”

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  1. Per the long set of videos behind and including the one in the post, at least it looks like there might be a path to “reconciliation” into nation-state status of the tribally divided groups, who at least so far are still on “yellow card” (nice soccer tie-in) level of discord. All it needs is a strong leader who would pick up the portfolio to cut the corruption and beating-down of protest (making martyrs is SO stupid), and invite the two sides (with apparently some young optimistic leadership, or at least highlighted speakers) to “reason together.” Not Sunni-Shia, at least. And NOT IRAQ OR SYRIA EITHER.

    Stay out of it, Boss Man Obama, if you can, or care to…

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