Natural Gas Battle: Ukraine vs Russia – An Animated History


“While the West threatens further crippling sanctions on Moscow for invading and supporting Ukrainian rebels, Russia controls the nozzle that supplies Europe and Ukraine with natural gas. And they’ve already cut off Ukraine as winter looms. Russia also depends on gas sales for its governments revenue, so sanctions could cut both ways. AJ+ animates a short history of how Ukraine is stuck in the middle of the European Union, NATO and Russia gas.”

AJ+ Labs: “Gas Battle: Ukraine Vs Russia – An Animated History

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  1. Somewhat lacking in historical background and therefor somewhat biased. How about mentioning that the US violatd an agreement with Russia not to its expand its “missle defence” into old Soviet bloc nations and that the Ukraine owed Russia a few billion dollars from past gas deliveries at a greatly subsidised price from previous years, and that the US has been attempting to cut off Russian gas delivery to Europe to destroy the Russian economy and that controlling the Ukraine and therefor gas delivery to Europe is only part of the plan. Ignoring of course that the US is not going to freeze in the dark but the Europeans probably will but who cares about them.

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