Centenary of the Ottoman Empire’s Entry into World War I

100 years ago, the Ottoman Empire bombarded two Russian ports, entering the war on the side of Germany and Austria. Below is rare footage of Ottoman forces operating during the war.

The Ottomans lost, and victorious France and Britain carved up the Middle East into countries like Syria and Iraq, which have now fallen apart.

Critical Past: “Ottoman forces operating in World War I. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk seen with officials”

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  1. Well, it could have been phrased differently: Instead “Ottomans joined WW I on side of Germany and Austria”, how about “Ottomans entered into WW I AGAINST Britain,France and Russia, all of whom had nibbled away on the declining O.E.”

  2. This completed the decay of a multi-national/ethnic empire into a country of one acknowledged ethnicity that used deportation, killing, and genocide.
    I’d call it ethnic cleansing, except I consider ethnic cleansing a euphemism, even double-speak.

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