This day in History: Madrid Arab-Israeli Peace Conference (a Process that Netanyahu later Boasted of Derailing)

The Madrid peace conference convened October 30, 1991, hosted by President George H. W. Bush and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, aimed at initiating a peace settlement between Israel and the Arabs.

Bush senior warns that if Israel and Palestinians don’t make peace, sooner or later “weapons of mass destruction” could be deployed in the Middle East.

“President George H. W. Bush speaks with Baker Institute founding director Edward P. Djerejian about the legacy of the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference. The interview was conducted in October 2011 as part of a Nov. 2 Baker Institute conference co-hosted with the United States Institute of Peace.”

Baker Institute: “President George H. W. Bush on the Madrid Peace Conference’s legacy”

Madrid led to the Oslo Peace accords, which Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu boasted of having destroyed.

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