Does Fox “News” cultivate Closed Minded “Right Wing Authoritarians”?


“Is Fox News creating content that appeals to closed minded people of a “right wing authoritarian” mind state? That is the case being argued by a University of Alabama Psychologist, Dr. William Hart, who cites the Republican slanted cable news channel as a mirror for similarly ideologically minded people. Does this create a distortion of information? We discuss it on the Lip News with Jackie Koppell and Mark Sovel.”

Are Fox News Viewers Misinformed & In Denial?

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  1. Does Fox “News” cultivate Closed Minded “Right Wing Authoritarians”?


    Yet another edition of simple answers to simple questions.

  2. Carl Nyberg

    “Conservatism” preys on anxieties about modernity & financial insecurity==>tells audience to blame “the others”.

  3. Well, duh. I would add – dull-normal authoritarians. IQ 80-100.
    The dupes who the oligarchy relies on. Reagan’s base. Same people who read the “Left Behind” books.

  4. FAUXNews is opinion packaged as visually appealing entertainment disguised as “news.”

    And because it is free from most cable networks, FAUXNews ends up spewing in lower and fixed-income areas. (Especially prominent in waiting rooms.)

    FAUXNews reinforces the significantly diminished educational levels in the U.S. and openly promotes bully-incited and enforced hatred, feeding peer group pressures where formal educations are seen as a form of weakness or reason for suspicion.

    FAUXNews knows their audience well.

  5. Yes to all of this. The Authoritarian Personality description fits the average Fox viewer. These people are not much different than the “average” German of the 1930s who believed Nazi Propaganda because they wanted to.

  6. I think that the average conservative has core beliefs and prejudices that Fox and the right-wing movement appeal to, but in turn his emotional need to show his solidarity with that movement causes him to change his positions on various issues. I did an analysis of a 1980 Texas voters’ survey in college and concluded that a lot of people supported Reagan even though their positions on the issues were very different from his. He looked more “American”, a reassuring white Christian patriarch, so they had to vote for him. Then he and his sponsors went to work reversing their supporters’ beliefs on long-settled matters like minimum wages, the Civil Rights Act, abortion, etc. The supporters complied over time. For instance, many conservatives were willing to consider global warming at least an issue that we make plans to deal with, until it was ordained a “Democrat” trick by their trusted patriarchs, and thus had to be attacked with kamikaze intensity.

    Now that we have a black president and a Democratic Party whose future is composed of non-whites, the fear of whites that they are losing their monopoly on power overwhelms any agreement they might have had with minorities on real issues. They must be on the other side of everything now, even the right of a white man to murder a black man for looking “threatening”. Fox helps them to keep track of their constant Orwellian self-editing of their own convictions.

    Now, however, this process has reached the point where democracy itself is being maligned. Unless they face some tangible blowback, they will vote away their right to vote just to make sure we lose ours.

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