First-rate care on your doorstep when Cleveland Clinic opens in Abu Dhabi

The Cleveland Clinic’s reputation for excellence in health care has been hard won and deserved. For the first time, the company is taking its brand beyond the US and Canada to provide UAE residents with all the benefits of that reputation, without the travel. Mitya Underwood reports

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2 Responses

  1. Avoidable medical error and hospital acquired infections kill 440,000 patients each year in US hospitals, the third greatest cause of death in the US after cancer and heart disease. USNews ratings of Cleveland Clinic are contradicted by other independent and government reviews. Modern Healthcare cover story 8 June 2014 (link to disclosed “stonewalling” by Cleveland Clinic officials in the CMS investigation of patient harm, patient rights violations, informed consent violations, alleged double billing, fraudulent credentials, operating room fires injuring patients (link to ) and other egregious violations. Mr. Cosgrove was personally cited by CMS for his failures. Two of nine CMS investigations found that Cleveland Clinic Urology Department did not have proper credentialing or privileging of staff or residents for use of the da Vinci robot. Healthgrades ranked Cleveland Clinic with the lowest possible score for prostatectomy outcomes. (link to… oh/cleveland-clinic-hgst62e80596360180?#Ratings) CMS data for Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) gave Cleveland Clinic a score of 8.7 (with 1-10 possible and 10 being the worst.) (Medicare’s hospital acquired condition scores for hospitals: (link to… This score placed Cleveland Clinic in the bottom 7% of hospitals. Leapfrog Group gave the first ever letter grade of “D” to the Cleveland Clinic for patient safety. (http://www.healthleadersmedia…. Cleveland Clinic should spend less effort marketing their “World Class Care” and become more transparent to patients and CMS investigators. One must ask, does USNews have a conflict of interest with the Cleveland Clinic as does the Plain Dealer? –Are there CCF board positions and advertising revenue streams paid to these media giants? What else, but a “quid pro quo” could explain these contradictions? General Motors CEO was held accountable. It is time hospital CEOs also be held accountable.

    • Thank you, T&J, for this timely note. PR does not equal health care, or even medical care. One might guess that if a sheik in Abu Dhabi, or one of the Blessed Few who will be getting treated and billed there (did you mention Cleveland Clinic’s possible problems with cost control? link to Not that cost would be an issue in Abu Dhabi, and of course there’s no pesky CMS or other government regulatory apparatus in the weeds…)

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