“Pilot Program” of Segregated Buses banning Palestinians in Israel


“The defense minister [Moshe Ya’alon] … hasn’t issued a blanket ban but believes integrated buses are “a recipe for a terror attack.” So he’s launched a pilot program of segregated buses between Israel and the West Bank for “security considerations.”

AJ+ “Israel Bans Palestinians From Riding Buses”

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  1. This is how Jim Crow will be reintroduced to America. Racist cops and laws deliberately provoking minority outrage and rioting, then the imposition of security acts based on racial profiling.

  2. How can segregating a population be a good idea? This goes back to how America segregated the black race from the white race. What is next will they be segregated in other places, public buildings, schools, ect….? This will cause additional terrorist attacks on each other. One group will target the other group and then they will retaliate. This will only cause bigger problems in the area, and it wouldn’t solve anything. Who came up with this terrible idea? If this is allowed to happen, then someone needs to be accountable for the end results. Segregating groups is a bad idea and should never be considered in the first place.

    • There’s other kinds of segregation. In the US, there’s the North and the South, which are both location and loyalty, with a certain amount of in- and inter-breeding and a bloody 4-year insurrection/attempted schism depending on your biases, a who-gets-to-rule wound that has never closed. Now we USans are divided by wealth into haves, pretend-they-haves, wish-they-hads, and growing cadres of have-practically-nothings-and-no-hope-of-anything-mores. Division is by zoning, pricing of living space, and access to necessities. I’m sure social scientists could point to a whole lot more fracture lines that are ready to split. We in the Imperium are just a little farther away from the larger ruptures that are killing people and hope and the species’ future all across the planet, just so the few who have figured out how to profit from false prophecies and demagoguery and who “manage” the violence can Live, as we say here, so very Large…Salaam, shalom, shlomo…

  3. Note that it’s worse than you think: Ya’alon’s “pilot project” involves buses going FROM Israel into the West Bank.

    Think about that: a Palestinian “ticking timebomb” who first has to get through a security check just to get on the bus taking him INTO Israel, and Ya’alon thinks that guy is only a security threat when he boards the bus to take him home again.

    Boogie, baby, the dude has already spend his entire day INSIDE Israel.

    So he already has had the entire day to just walk into any public building INSIDE Israel and do his terroristy thang there. He certainly doesn’t have to wait til’ quitin’ time before doing the dastardly….

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