WWI: Remembering how Europe Blockaded Lebanese Civilians & Killed 200,000 with Famine


“Unknown to many, a third of the Lebanese population [then West Syria] died of famine and disease during World War One. BBC Arabic’s Carine Torbey recounts the horrifying story of the Famine of Mount Lebanon.”

The famine of Mount Lebanon during WW1 – BBC News

Note: Contrary to what Ms. Torbey alleges, the Ottomans entered WW I for defensive purposes, being afraid of Russian expansionism, not for aggressive ones. -JRC

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  1. Rather than write a couple of paragraphs, I’ll just recommend “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914.”

  2. WWI was devastating for everyone. Germany was also blockaded by the British navy during the war. As a result, one million Germans died of starvation.

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