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  1. It seems people are getting impatient with Bill Maher for showing consistent ignorance when it comes to Islam. First his tweet backfired when he mentioned slapping a woman and comparing her to Hamas. Now he has been beautifully slammed down by Reza Aslan, with nothing but facts. Bill Maher has allowed his hatred for Islam and Muslims, prevent him from learning the truth and clouded his judgement. Ignorance is bliss as far as Maher is concerned.
    Reza Aslan is a great debater.

  2. Bazil Giani

    It’s CNN! Nobody watches this stuff anymore. I can’t even take anyone whose source of information CNN seriously any more.

  3. Hello Juan!

    As per the instructions on “contacts” I’m requesting that you weigh in on this – what do you think about the past two weeks of Bill Maher going on a screed against Muslims? And could you please address this in light of your knowledge and in helping, frankly, to push back against this sort of bigotry?

    With appreciation,

  4. I say, CNN, most hypocritical news company in the world, close to being racist, even … I hope the Americans are not synonymous with CNN and show greater insights on the world.

  5. Isn’t this just Steven Colbert’s schtick, to play stupid just to make the guest look good? Except the CNN hosts aren’t pretending.

  6. The anti-Muslim bigoted narrative is almost mainstream now, and as Bill Maher’s proved, you don’t have to be an opposing right-wing religious-political to spout it.

    The stupidity didn’t stop there….it got stupider on a CNN follow-up with the hosts plus one, who were still oblivious and unapologetic about their prejudice, and included an implication that Reza was the ‘angry Muslim’ that everyone fears.

    link to youtube.com

  7. I remember watching a famous American professor on Islam being invited to talk at the State Department for a public talk, with press present. He had been invited by then A/S Secretary Hughes’ staff to talk to the Department employees as part of a series these officials wanted to host where experts on the region would come and talk to large groups of State employees.

    Dr Esposito expressed some frustration at being invited over a period of several years and each time the topic was basically being repeated, and it was time to raise the level of discussion and issues and he applauded Secretary Hughes’ staff for creating this special series of speakers for Department employees.

    He was the last speaker as well. This is a problem with our various parts of the establishment — they are rigidly embedded in the same notions and arguments. It’s as if the scripts just keep being recylcled, just the date changes. It’s easy for people not to have to read or research. Just keep it easy

  8. bill maher is a comedian nothing more, what do you expect from someone who uses words like cock, cunt and tits on air and promotes recreational pot use on one hand and then on another humiliates shoppers of walmart for the outfit they wear, he’s a dictator

    as for cnn, they move mountain to put their wall street friends in good light with the public so again, what do you expect?!?

    just stop watching, bill maher has an oversea’s tour, make it flop

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