GOP Voter Suppression: Comedian Louis Black says F#%! it!


“At a photo shoot with ACLU’s Voting Rights Project Director Dale Ho, ACLU voting rights ambassador Lewis Black gets so f#%!in’ tired of politicians trying to deny people the right to vote.

The ACLU is fighting against bad voter suppression laws across the country.

The rules of voting are still in flux in many states, so to make sure you know your rights when you vote, go to ”

ACLU Videos: “Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

2 Responses

  1. doug s

    It’s time to elevate the argument. Repub & Dem Incumbents are EQUALLY to blame. Vote against ALL Incumbents seeking reelection.

    • How can you not be aware that voter suppression laws are invariably written by Republicans to target people who are statistically likely to vote Democratic? If Democrats tried the same scam there would be war in the streets. You’re not elevating the argument, you’re intentionally diverting it to favor the GOP in the midterms – the party which doesn’t need incumbents because it just keeps running whackos with demands going further and further into America’s unjust past. Including the repeal of the 14th Amendment.

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