Surprising Map of Which Countries Recognize Palestine


“Sweden became the first European Union country to recognize the State of Palestine on Oct. 3, and the United Kingdom parliament voted 274-12 in favor of recognizing the State of Palestine. More than 134 countries have recognized Palestine’s bid for statehood since 1988. Here’s a look at the spread of support around the world.”

AJ+ “Who Recognizes the State of Palestine?”

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  1. Stanley Rogouski

    Looks like most Eastern European countries recognized Palestine before the fall of Communism. And Never bothered to unrecognize.

    • The Palestine Liberation Organization had a close relationship with the former Soviet Union and its satellites throughout the 1960s and 70s.

      The P.L.O. had significant capital investment in factories in the Eastern bloc; Yasser Arafat maintained a tight relationship with Romanian intelligence – per former Romanian Lt. General Ion Pacepa. P.L.O. fighters were trained in bases in the former Soviet Union.

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