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  1. Good summary. What WERE we thinking?!

    Oh yeah — “freedom.” No more “free loaders” (except the large corporations and 1%). “Personal responsibility” (for thee, but not me). Lower taxes, yeah!!! And, of course, “patriotism” (the first refuge of the scoundrel). Plus, the mandatory kick in the hindquarters of all them hippies from the sixties, uppity wimmenfolk, uppity colored people, and don’t forget the preee-verts.

    I feel as if I’ve gone back in time…

  2. A powerful influence which drives good people to vote against the best interests of themselves and their families.

  3. “YES War”

    70% of the American public supported the war in Iraq. They like what the Republicans have to offer. “Shock and Awe” had a German name in WWII—-BLITZKRIEG!!!

    The Republican comeback from disaster has happened before. Ronald Reagan was elected just six years after Nixon resigned.

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