Americans ask Pres. Obama to show Thanksgiving Mercy to Gaza

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“President Obama pardoned two turkeys at the White House today, a tradition meant to illustrate the generosity and compassion of the Thanksgiving holiday. But for some, this time of year is more than a show of goodness.”

Americans ask Obama to show Thanksgiving Mercy to Gaza

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  1. Mercy for Gaza: a worthy goal. Or at least, if that is too much to hope for, an end to U.S. financial, military, and diplomatic support for the oppression of Palestinians.

  2. Article from the Guardian

    “Americans love the Thanksgiving myth. But food folklore masks a painful reality”

    link to
    We were complicit in the destruction of indigenous people.

    At least now they are called Native Americans rather than Indians.

    It took a 30 year civil war in Guatemala, aided by the US, for the term Maya to be OK. They were called Indians up until the end of the war to indicate that they immigrated there. There had been in the territory for some thousands of years before the colons

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